Exploration Area Large Set (13 pcs)
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Exploration Area Large Set (13 pcs)

Product Ref: 0591

Brand: Active Learning

Age/Size: One Size

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The Exploration Area Large Set is a fantastic piece of Soft Play that will add colour, style and value to any setting. It is designed to be used by both babies and toddlers, making it extremely versatile. The individual shapes provide a soft and interesting floor to crawl over, or a challenging uneven surface for toddlers to walk on with the taller pieces used for support. The different shapes add a challenge and build confidence. The set contains 13 pieces; large arch, steps, slide, mountain range, valley, hill, mountain, 3 x square mat, triangle and radius mat. Use indoors/outdoors. Must not be permanently left outdoors. Made in wipe clean high tenacity PVC

  • 240cm x 144cm x 49cm
  • Expected delivery 10 working days
  • Hand made in the UK

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