Dinosaur Hat & Gloves - Tail Set Dress-up | One Size
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Dinosaur Hat & Gloves - Tail Set Dress-up | One Size

Product Ref: 2089

Brand: Pretend To Bee

Age/Size: One Size

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Introducing the Dino Hat & Glove Set From Pretend To Bee - 100% Polyester velour, dinosaur scale-embossed body, and multi-green tie die effect gives this 3 piece set a real sense of the Dinosaur Kingdom! The hat boasts a side chin strap velcro fastening. Padded feature eyes with eye lid detail & printed eyeball effect really bring the RAWWR in the RAWWSOME! Followed by Flared nostril trim with black inner lining dye cut felt realistic teeth, with jagged edges on top & bottom jaw. Fully bound neckline. Size adjusting Velcro fastening for secure attachment to head. Pair of accessory gloves with matching embossed velour fabric. and 2 padded claws with grey polyester finish detailing. Elasticated opening for the wrist. Thumbhole for secure fitting. Padded on top of glove with a fully edged finish at the seams.

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