Swan Themed Princess Dress-up | Years 3/4
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Swan Themed Princess Dress-up | Years 3/4

Product Ref: 2047__3/5

Brand: Pretend to Bee

Age/Size: 3/4

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They'll be the belle of the ball, princess of the story or queen of the land with this high quality, comfortable childrens princess costume! These striking, professionally constructed & detail filled swan girls fancy dress costumes are great for authentic, immersive fun and are definitely one to have on the kids dress up rail.

With a rich offering of intricate textures & finishes this is a fully realised girls princess dress that is sure to bring their imagination into reality. The tutu is a 2-piece costume and includes a matching satin velour headband which features a plush swan head, complete with pink beak and acrylic, domed eyes. The swan is finished off with a gold-foil crown for added effect.

The ultra-soft and professionally stitched satin velour brings texture and a shimmering light effect to the princess dress bodice. The front graphic showcases a royal tiara with golden print and even glittery print detailing. The rear of the bodice features extraordinary, striking padded silver-foil swan wings that go perfectly with the gold-foil of the crown, found on the headband making it all feel like a complete & true Swan Princess experience. The wings are Velcro and can be detached when needed. The attention to detail doesn't stop there however. The tutu its self is a thing of beauty thanks to the hand crafted & gathered white netting pieces, which really give it that WOW factor! The tutu achieves royal status and impact thanks to the explosion of volume & shape that's created by the layers of netting as well as the textured polyester underskirt. Your left the iconic puffed princess tutu silhouette for them to role-play in. From top to bottom this costume is meticulously crafted with high quality material and craftsmanship, which when all brought together, takes their fairy-tale role-play experience and enjoyment to the next level.

With such a high quality finish, the stitched hem of the bodice & skirt as well as the rear velcro neck fastening ensure that longevity, versatility and comfort are not an issue. These really are girls dressing up costumes kids will get so much fun as well as play time out of time and time again! The Swan Princess kids costume is just part of a wide princess range offered by Pretend to Bee, so what are you waiting for? Celebrate the best in princess dresses & bring the whole kingdom as well as family & friends together!

Looking for dressing up clothes for boys, girls or both? Well unisex dressing up clothes for girls & boys are available across a massive range kids dressing up costumes by Pretend to Bee®.

Premium 2-Piece Swan Princess Dress up for girls age 3-4, 5-6 & 7-8. Dressing Up Costumes for Kids by Pretend to Bee - Excelling in Both Dresses for Girls As Well as General Childrens Dressing Up Clothes & Toddler Fancy Dress for generations.

  • High Quality: Made up of luxurious, ultra-soft satin velour, this Swan Princess girls costume is constructed with premium materials and craftsmanship. The edges have a neatly & professionally stitched hem throughout to achieve a complete look & premium finish and in doing so deters the princess dress up from any rips and tears.
  • Features: This elegant, brilliant white, satin velour girls dress up oozes sophistication, starting with the inclusion of a matching velour headband which features a plush swan head with pink beak & brown/black domed, acrylic eyes. Topped off with gold foil crown. The front of the shimmering white bodice features a golden tiara motif, which ties in perfectly with the headband. The front graphic has a glitter print which when catches the light glistens just a like a princess tiara should! The rear of the satin velour bodice is graced with extravagant, silver foil, padded swan wings that are velcro-detachable. The tut

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