Our Sustainability, Our Promise, Our Commitment.

Our Commitment & Promise.

At Pretend To Bee, it has always been our highest priority in creating Sturdy, Beautiful, and Creative Products that deliver on nurturing the imaginations of young children, while delivering through the power of play. We encourage active development and learning through our products as we believe it is the most important time in their lives for growth. To ensure we can continue to do this, we knew we had to start closer to home.

For many years we have taken pride in creating the durable, sturdy dress-up that you can use again, again, and you guessed it...again! We want to help reduce the number of single-use plastics and throw away items that riddle our world and devastating wildlife. This is why we have taken a huge step forward into eliminating the use of non-recyclable & single-use plastics in all elements of our packaging.

We want to create a world where toys, dress-up and outfits are easy to use, easy to play with and even easier on our environment.