Baby Care Corner Mat-10426

Baby Care Corner Mat-10426

Product Ref: 0545BW

Brand: Active Learning

Age/Size: One Size

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The Baby Care Floor Range is designed to provide a clean and safe area to encourage babies to develop through the crucial first period up to 18 months. This includes their first exploration of the physical world through their five senses (touch, sight, sound etc.) and through their physical development from laying to sitting, crawling, standing and finally walking. Most importantly we have concentrated on providing all the equipment needed for a dedicated baby area. The range comes in a colour coordinated soft cover fabric that looks good in the nursery and is practical for every day use in a professional environment. By providing a soft safe area that is as comfortable for the carer as the baby, the set allows the child to interact with the people around them on their own level. The set encourages the baby to sit up and notice all the interesting things that are going on and to interact with the world at the earliest opportunity. At the same time it encourages the world to come down to floor level to meet the child. By including practical seating for the nursery staff, the set encourages carers to operate at the babies level whilst ensuring their comfort and looking after health and safety requirements. for practicality the set is designed to withstand everyday use. It has covers designed to be washed and come up looking good every time, wipe clean water resistant liners and baby soft fillings.

  • 180cm x 180cm x 3.5cm
  • Expected delivery 20 working days
  • Hand made in the UK