Plush Worry Monster 'Munches Worries Away'
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Plush Worry Monster 'Munches Worries Away'

Product Ref: 2127

Brand: Pretend To Bee

Age/Size: Age 3+

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It’s good to talk and our Worry Monster has your back. An ultra-soft plush bright turquoise velour cushion with textured turquoise eyes, tufty yellow faux fur eyebrows, stripy padded horns, yellow felt mane, furry turquoise paws and bright orange feet PLUS a large yellow zip mouth with white felt teeth to munch all your worries away. Why choose a Worry Monster? It’s important to be open about how we feel, sharing our fears and worries at any age. Start young, drawing, writing and discussing things that make us worried. Writing them on paper, then feeding them to the Worry Monster helps children process their emotions and feelings by encouraging them to talk, ultimately feeling heard and supported in a fun and playful way.




  • Vibrant turquoise velour cushion with yellow details and padded horns
  • Padded orange feet and turquoise paws
  • Zip mouth compartment with white felt teeth


  • Polyester velour
  • Faux fur details
  • Felt details
  • Durable design
  • Padded design
  • High quality stitching and hemming
  • Surface wash only
  • Sizes: Age 3+


  • Monster Bedroom
  • Birthday Party Accessory
  • Halloween
  • Fancy Dress Accessory
  • World Book Day
  • At School
  • At Home Fun
  • Exploring Your Feelings